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Would you know how to write affirmations if you need to? What are affirmations? Why should you write affirmations?

We’re going to discuss how you should write affirmations.

Affirmations have the ability to lift your spirits to get through hard times. This is because we’re all highly suggestible, even if we think we’re not!

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are the actions or process of affirming. The word “affirmation” comes from the Latin word affirmaire, which means “to strengthen”. A positive affirmation would, therefore, strengthen and positively influence change in your life.

Repeating positive words release power into the universe so that what you say will begin to happen.

Affirmations help us to keep a positive attitude about life. It’s only natural that we’ll get more out of these positive sayings if we formulate them ourselves. Writing our own affirmations makes them personal to us, which can then help us to get through our own individual situations.


How To Write Affirmations In 8 Easy Steps:

Make Your Affirmations Personal To You

Whilst it’s convenient having ready-made affirmations, especially if you are new to using affirmations, making your affirmations personal to you will make them more powerful in your life. When you write affirmations, it’s important to remember to use “I” in them. They are personal to you after all.

Example: “I am having an exceptional day today!”

“I am” are very powerful words that can transform you, not only into who you want to be, but who you were created to be.

You see, your brain is like computer software. You just need to reprogram it. Why not reprogram it with positive words that follow “I AM”?

The words that follow “I am”, follow you!

Write Your Affirmations In Present Tense

Affirmations are built in order to change our feelings now, which is why you want to stay positive and strong in this moment.

Depending on your school of thought, when you use the past tense, you either get nostalgic or depressed due to having regrets. When you use the future tense, you can either get hopeful or be filled with anxiety about what may or may not be.

Example: “I am feeling happy and content.”

Affirming in the present helps you to feel the difference right now, as your subconscious mind aligns you with your destiny.

Write Your Affirmations In Your Own Style

Try not to make your affirmations too formal because you are not writing your affirmations for anyone else. You want to speak in your own language and in your own voice, as you write your affirmations.

Bad Example: “Presently I feel the urge to enjoy my existence.”

Good Example: “I enjoy my life.”

Try as you may, you can only change yourself.

Sure, you can give great advice, and most likely positively influence others. However, they would only believe something or change if they really want to.

The only beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that you can change are your own, so make your affirmations your own.

Write Short, ‘To The Point’ Affirmations

Affirmations are meant to be short and simple. Stay on target and make your affirmation a one-liner. If it’s too wordy, try breaking it up into a few affirmations. The trick is to stick with one simple idea at a time.

Example: “I am in perfect health.”

Your affirmations should be something you can remember and recite repeatedly. Yes, your mind is like computer software, but you’re not practising for a presentation.

So, make your affirmations short and sweet.

Make Your Affirmations Positive

Affirmations should be positive statements. Reciting positive words and phrases work on the mind, and eventually, they become reality. This is the same for negative or idle words, so you need to be careful what you affirm.

You’re using affirmations to make a life improvement and positive statements motivate you to make this improvement.

Example: “I am blessed.”

Make Your Affirmations Believable

You don’t want your affirmation to sound like something out of this world. You may be ascending to great heights, but it may take some time for your subconscious mind to believe it.

If it’s not believable, you won’t take it seriously and your subconscious will just dismiss it.

You may desire to become a millionaire. Saying “I am a millionaire” out loud when you are not will trigger a part of your mind called the critical faculty, to protect you from new ideas that are not believable or don’t make sense.  It blocks these ideas from going into your unconscious or subconscious mind.

A better affirmation would be

“Every day I am getting closer to becoming a millionaire.”

Believe In The Power Of Your Affirmations

Okay, this point is not how to write affirmations per se, but believing in the power of affirmations will make all your efforts writing them worthwhile.

When you say your affirmations, believe them to be true. Affirmations are truly powerful sets of words as long as you believe what you’re telling yourself.

Women use them during childbirth to help them stay calm and collected during natural delivery. Affirmations have also even been known to help people cure addictions.

They are that powerful!

First, set your eyes on your goal and then write your affirmations to get yourself there.

Make Your Affirmations Visible

Again, this point is not how to write affirmations, but an important tip none the less!

Write down your affirmations according to the rules above. Then, start using your affirmations and feel the difference. Say your affirmations to yourself daily. Take deep breaths and keep your eyes on your goals.

Also if need be, tweak your affirmations. These positive sayings aren’t written in stone, so as you change, your affirmations can change, too.

It’s best to keep your affirmations in a place where you can see them. You can simply keep a list in your pocket, post them all over your wardrobe like I do, or you can post them around your house. Paste them on the bathroom mirror, on your computer, or wherever you know you’ll see them and then recite them each day.


The most powerful force in the human psyche is how you describe yourself to yourself.

Affirmations can make all the difference in reaching your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Give them a try and enjoy the benefits these positive statements can make in your life.

Become who you want to be.

Download for free Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Affirmations Worksheet to help you start writing your own affirmations today.


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37 thoughts on “How To Write Affirmations: 8 Easy Steps”

  1. Avatar

    I started using affirmations in early March and I found that it’s helped feelings of anxiety a lot. I had no idea about the latin word, that’s so interesting!
    We’re literally strengthening our mind.

    Thanks for this thorough write up

  2. Avatar

    I love positive affirmations and I repeat them every single day. In fact, my life has changed since I started to practice positive affirmations.

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    Affirmations are so helpful, it does help you cope with anxiety, negative feeling and help you reach your goals faster. “Become who you want to be”, I love how you said that. Great article!

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    That’s amazing post Ngozi, I love it. 😊
    I always enjoyed affirmations quotes. I never thought to create my own.
    Definitely I’m in need of daily doses of motivations.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    Thank you.

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    This is an amazing post Ngozi, I love affirmations. I have been teaching my kids about affirmations and have had them say a few. One thing I noticed was, firstly they loved reading it out loud, secondly they always have smiles on their faces once they’ve finished reading them. It is a great and powerful tool.

  6. Avatar

    I don’t think I’ve ever written an affirmation before. I definitely want to start doing it on a daily bases. Thanks for sharing.

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