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1st PIN image Strategies to find inner peace pt 2

Welcome to part two in the two-part series, giving you strategies for inner peace. In the first part of the series, I mentioned a few strategies which would help you to attain and maintain your inner peace and happiness.

Inner peace is as a result of being comfortable and joyful within yourself. It is peace of mind and contentment with your situation and striving for improvement at your own pace. Let’s continue where we left off below, with further strategies for inner peace.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational and reference purposes only. Use of this information is entirely at your own risk. Should you have any health concerns, please consult your Doctor or another relevant professional. If you are in need of professional help I use and recommend (affiliate link). They will match you with a therapist that you can message or live chat for an affordable monthly price. 

Pray for yourself

Prayer is a beautiful and personal gift that everyone has to commune with their higher power. I am a Christian, however, prayer is not restricted to any one religion.

Prayer is as much about stillness and meditating, as much as it is petitioning to God, if you believe in God, for your desires.

Affirmations, for example, are a beautiful form of prayer. For example “I am full of health and vitality” is an affirmation that can bring you good health and energy.

Prayer involves you listening to your inner, quiet voice for guidance and direction on what next move to make. In other words, your intuition, and even the Holy Spirit.

Looking back I remember several instances when I ignored my intuition, and sure enough, the outcomes were not always pleasant.

Prayer, with faith – or positive vibrations – should give you confidence and assurance that things will get better.

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not ~ JEREMIAH 33:3

You are your own competition

race track lanes you are your competition
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It may be tempting to feel saddened at the seemingly successful and progressive lives of others. You know, those shiny Instagram accounts of those living the high life.

People appear to be established in business, careers, and even their family lives, and this may make you feel inadequate or intimidated.

One thing that may help you not have that mindset is to remember that no one else’s walk is your walk, in life. We have all been given our path to walk in life, and our journeys are unique to us.

My walk is mine and your walk is yours!

It is important to start noticing the triggers that arouse a feeling of envy or sadness when comparing yourself to other people. You could then use those triggers as a means of propelling you up the ladder of success.

You could make a list (or a mental note) of such triggers and how they negatively affect you. If you have any goals, whether short term or long term, consider focusing on those goals, and your intended outcome.

Focusing on something else, and affirming positivity will eventually cancel out the negative thoughts.

Avoid as much as possible, those things that trigger negative thoughts and emotions in you as much as is possible. Total avoidance, however, is near impossible, and it is best to adopt coping strategies where possible.

Practise Gratitude

The benefits of practising gratitude cannot be quantified. Being grateful can lead to more positive emotions, better sleep, less stress, and even a stronger immune system. Science tells us that gratitude is good for us.

It is not necessary to wait for monumental achievements before expressing gratitude. Being grateful for the little things in life – the small wins – will help you to notice other positive things to be grateful for.

You may not be in the living situation you would like at present, but accept your situation while you continue to work towards your goals and aspirations.

We can be grateful for things such as a friend offering to babysit while you have some time to pamper yourself, your spouse making you a beverage, you passing a test, you being able to afford lunch at a certain restaurant, and so on.

Speak to a Therapist

Photo by Chayene Rafaela on Unsplash

If attaining inner peace is a huge struggle, it is advisable to speak to someone. Things should not be bottled up and allowed to fester as it could lead to a nervous breakdown.

You could speak with a trusted friend or family member, but where this is not possible, you should seek professional help.

In certain communities, there is a stigma with seeking help from therapists, but an important thing to remember is that everyone has their own path in life, and it is imperative that you do what is best for you and your mental health.

There are several psychological therapies available on the National Health Service, to deal with mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

In England, people can get free psychological therapy without a referral from their GP. If they would prefer to speak with their GP, this option is always available. The GP will assess and refer to appropriate services.

Leave violent environments

I don’t mean to put a dampener on a topic that should be upbeat, however, issues of domestic violence and abuse can make it difficult to have inner peace.

Apart from affecting adults going through it, any children witnessing it could be negatively affected well into adulthood if it is not resolved.

Someone going through this could remain at home if it is safe to do so. However, there are organisations and trained professionals who can give advice over the phone. Some organisations can help move people from where they are being abused, to a place of safety.

Domestic Violence Resources

If you are experiencing abuse, here are some resources in England that provide support to those going through abuse:

The National Domestic Violence Helpline run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge, can help with advice for those going through various types of abuse.

Southall Black Sisters is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1979 to meet the needs of black and minority ethnic women. They provide a free service for women who have experienced gender-based violence.

Victim Support is dedicated to supporting both male and female victims of crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales.

Men’s Aid provides practical advice and support to men who have been abused.

Men’s Advice Line is a confidential help and support line for male victims of domestic violence.

Under homeless legislation in England and Wales, local authorities have a legal duty to provide emergency accommodation to those going through domestic abuse. If you are unsure of your local authority, you can find out from the Government website using your postcode.

I hope these strategies have been useful to you. Please share with someone who may be experiencing any of the issues mentioned. Please also check out part one in the series, for other strategies for achieving inner peace.

What other suggestions do you have for maintaining inner peace?

Please share this post if you found it useful.

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    This is a very useful article. This website is for Elevated Mum. But actually dads will also find it useful as I have. I am also a Christian and prayers is one of my superpower. I also practice gratitude because it helps us connect to God and the power of the universe. I particularly like the suggested resources where people can find help if they are struggling. Thanks for this article Ngozi. I look forward to more useful posts from you.

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    Hi Ngozi, Thanks for the tips. As a busy mum your blog is one of my go-to’s for the very much needed “me time” tips. Affirmations are definitely a path to peace which is essential for one’s mental health. Great post!

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