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ways to reduce stress and enjoy your life

I remember when I used to get easily stressed at things. At one point I felt sad and hopeless, and felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. During that time, I wish I had known simple ways to reduce stress.

I was sleep-deprived which led to physical body pains as a result of not being able to cope with life’s pressures.

According to the World Health Organisation, 264 million people suffer from depression globally. That’s shocking!

We live in a fast paced world, and there’s always one thing or another that we, humans,  seem to be chasing.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting things; we were made to evolve and grow, and new inventions are part of growth.

However, when chasing those shiny objects cause us to forget who we are in the process and cause us to feel anxiety and depression, then we have a problem.

Your joy, peace, and happiness is being in the present. Many people think happiness is tied to possessions. The truth is, happiness is determined by your mindset; your attitude to life.

The following tips will help you to reduce your stress levels by helping you to live in the present and enjoy the things around you.

Ways to reduce stress

Pause and enjoy the things going on in your life

As soon as you catch yourself regretting the past or worrying about the future, pause. Look around you and see things you can enjoy, right now.

There is nothing wrong with stating facts about your current situations but when those thoughts fill you with regret, overwhelming sadness, or whatever disempowering feeling, pause, and remind yourself of positives things in relation to your situation.

For example, if you live in a small home, you could acknowledge this fact and also recognise that you have shelter, and make plans to move out.

Being in the present involves slowing down, being aware and taking in what’s going on around you.

Celebrate your ‘small’ wins

A number of studies have found that celebrating wins, no matter how small, lead to significant benefits, including improved physical health and better coping strategies.

People who take time to reflect on their successes are generally more optimistic, take better care of themselves and tend to be less stressed.

Celebrating your small wins is a sign to your subconscious mind that you appreciate the good things happening at the present time.

Each huge milestone is a series of small wins

When you celebrate each milestone along your journey, your brain will continue to move you closer to your bigger goals.

Be grateful

Being grateful gives you a positive mental attitude. If you have a positive mental attitude it is impossible to be depressed or filled with regret, and even if you do get depressed, or stressed you will find yourself coming out of it quicker when you have an overall positive mental attitude.

The Law of Attraction causes similar things to attract to each other. The more you are grateful for right now, the more you attract into your life to be grateful for.

Being grateful for future events before they occur, activates the law of attraction and brings your desires into manifestation.

If you are prone to anxiety and find yourself feeling anxious about when the things you expect are going to occur, surrendering and letting go of the need to control things will help you.


Surrender your wishes and desires to your Higher Power. Surrender your fears, your worries, and let go of the negative emotions that keep you from enjoying your life.

Living in a state of stress creates a type of block that keeps you from attracting the good things you desire into your life.

When you let go and let God’ you can rest assured that you will receive what you have asked for in the future, while you continue to live in the present.

Write in a Gratitude Journal

one of the ways to reduce stress writing in a gratitude journal

At the end of each day write between three and five things you are grateful for, and in the morning you could review your journal to remember what you’re grateful for and keep your spirits high.

What you write in your gratitude journal doesn’t have to be complicated. What you are thankful for can be as simple as “dinner” or “the cup of tea you were able to drink for ten minutes” or “the air you breathe.”

A few months ago I stopped writing in my gratitude journal for some time. I convinced myself that I was so busy with other things and told myself I was grateful in my heart.

How wrong I was!

I found myself gradually getting more stressed and overwhelmed until I realised one day that I had stopped this practice.

Writing the things you are grateful for in your gratitude journal and reviewing them periodically will reduce your negative emotions and help to lower your stress levels.

Final words

It is impossible to change the past. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could? Similarly, while we can influence our future by visualising and working towards our goals, we cannot guarantee what will happen in future.

These ways to reduce stress will help you enjoy the present and live a joyful life.

What do you do to help you reduce your stress?

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